How Our Hippie Bags are Made

    The bags begin as scraps of fabric that are first taken to the dying master, who dyes each and every piece of fabric by hand using natural dyes.

    The fabric is then taken to a cutting master who carefully cuts the patterns for the various styles of bags.

    The pieces of cloth are then taken to a stitching master who assembles the bags himself, including the compartments, zippers and snaps.

    Finally, the true artistry begins as the dyed and cut pieces of fabric are brought to the women artisans who we buy directly from. They sit together around large tables while meticulously choosing, cutting, sewing and embroidering the patterns upon the bags. 

    Lastly, they iron each bag, place it into a protective bag and ship them off to us. 

    Therefore, each and every bag is one of a kind and made by the hands of some beautiful, driven artists.

    *If you have fallen in love, as we have, and notice out of stock bags you would love to own, please email us at and let us know. We will let the ladies know and get them to you as quickly as we can.


    The Boho Hippie